Ministry Transition Completed: LDI is a grace equipping ministry and mission agency. Our vision is to disciple the nations to the person of Jesus Christ with the message and ministry of grace until He returns. We are now incorporated and approved by IRS as a Non-Profit organization. LDI is fully functional and free to pursue the vision and mission God has given us.

Appreciation: We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt appreciation to those who give for this Kingdom ministry. We praise the Lord for those who partner or have become partners with Him and us. A special thank you to those who gave for legal fees, office furniture, computer, printing, and renovations. The Lord will not “forget” this “work” and “love” you “have shown toward His name” (Heb. 6:10).

GraceLife Conference: We just conducted our first conference. We called it a LIFE Encounter Conference. Our purpose was not only to receive factual knowledge but to experience both revelation and experiential knowledge of Christ. It was a delight to see the lights come on as truth was being understood. Even greater was the evidence of the Holy Spirit moving in those attending. We were blessed with tears of sorrow and joy! A number were so moved they want to experience more of the reality of Him. We are pursuing having follow-up classes in order to go deeper into New Covenant truth.

Attendee Statement: “This conference opened my eyes and changed my way of thinking. I learned how to hear the Lord, and go to Him first in every aspect of my life.”

International Ministry: A trip tentatively planned for ministry in South Africa in July has been postponed until a later date. However, we are scheduled to return to Ukraine in late October and early November, 2007. At this time we will possibly be making a ministry outreach trip into Russia . Our purpose is to establish the preliminary contacts in order to later plant a ministry in that vast and needy country as well. The plan is to use the trained Russian speakers of Ukraine to facilitate and plant that ministry.

In His love and grace,
Clarence and Peggy Ledford

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