January 2018 : Haiti news update

Ledford’s January 2018 Haiti News Update

“… the Lord worked with them and confirmed the message by accompanying signs.” (Mark 16:20)

“Working together with him, then, we appeal to you not to receive the grace of God in vain.”  (2 Cor. 6:1)

I (Clarence) have just returned from a 12-day ministry outreach to Haiti. First, I want to thank you for your prayers especially during this time. The Lord moved in a powerful manner and many lives were confronted with His New Covenant truth. Thank you so much for your ministry to Peggy through prayers, calls and visits during this time as she cared for her sister, Lois and our brother-in-law, Grant. As you know, Lois has Alzheimer’s and Grant has had spinal fusion surgery. During this time of being away I connected with Peggy daily through “WhatsApp”. This caused the time to pass quickly, and kept Peggy involved and updated.

Clarence Being Taught: My sincere belief is that unless we are personally taught by the Lord, during any mission outreach, we have missed His purpose at that time for our lives.  During and after this time in Haiti the Lord has used Mark 16:20 and 2 Corinthians 6:1 to teach me profound truth about His ministry with and through His people. I am also deeply grateful the Lord is the senior partner in Kingdom ministry and has allowed me to be a co-laborer with Him. During this time, God “confirmed” His message of grace to those who were listening and appealed to them to not “receive the grace of God in vain.” He encourages us to do the same! Furthermore, God used Pastor Valcin to share Isaiah 54:13 and encourage me, that God disciples our physical and spiritual children! The verse teaches that those who are discipled by Him will experience great spiritual health and wealth as did Gaius of 3 John 1: 2. The Teacher continues to expand on God teaching heavenly truth to His people. For me this is somewhat like the pieces of a puzzle coming together.

Teaching: It is evident that this was our most fruitful time of teaching New Covenant Grace in Haiti. The people understood the need not only for factual truth, but to experience the Holy Spirit as Teacher (revelation knowledge) and Jesus as their Discipler (experiential knowledge). Because of this understanding and application, the disciples gained a much deeper understanding, insight and experience than ever before.

Limbe Haiti: After a 5-6 hour road trip from Port-au-Prince we arrived at Jacob’s Well ministry center around 8 PM.  The next morning (Wednesday) from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM I was privileged to teach 16 Pastors and church leaders the GraceLife conference/seminar. The seminar continued through Saturday afternoon. The attendees were so eager to learn that they would return to their seats during lunch break to ask questions about the Biblical truths they were coming to understand. All attendees expressed their gratitude for the teaching and to the Valcins (our hosts) for making this available to them. Sunday morning, I spoke in a village church of about 75 people that Pastor Gersan had planted in 2007. Of course, I was reminded of our years in Africa as a drum and tambourine were used for music. The singing was beautiful as they sang to the Lord.

Port-au-Prince: Sunday afternoon and evening we returned to PAP. Monday evening was the first meeting for the Village Church family. You are aware of the evil one liking God’s truth to be presented! At this meeting there was no electricity and the generator would not start! We went onto the flat roof of the building for the seminar. We experienced busy street noises, including sirens, and the smell of gasoline and diesel exhausts and other distractions. This resulted in moving the venue to the Valcin’s home and expanding the times of teaching. Next morning we met on the veranda with a group of 8 from 9:00 AM till noon. The afternoon/evening group of 25-30 people was facilitated on a terrace and went from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. Both groups asked lots of questions for clarification and wanted to go deeper into New Covenant truth. Some were so interested they attended both morning and afternoon/evening sessions!  Saturday, there was one session with everyone attending. A couple of days were given to counseling between the noon and 4 PM time frame.  Sunday, we were at the Village Church for their 2 morning worship services. This church is a new plant, less than a year old. The combined attendance in the worship services is approximately 4 to 5 hundred people. Pastor Gersan invited me to teach marriage principles to a couples class couples between the two services, with about 75 people in attendance. In all, I taught the various GraceLife lessons 25 times, counseled twice, preached once and taught marriage once for a total of 29 ministry opportunities that were orally translated into French or Creole in these 12 days of ministry. This resulted in approximately 58 hours of teaching, preaching and counseling. During the second service that last Sunday morning a thank you card was given to me and was signed by those who could write in English. They expressed their deep gratitude for the truth they had learned and experienced. Sunday afternoon I flew from Port-au-Prince and arrived home about 10:45 PM.


  • That God was glorified in this ministry outreach.
  • For the opportunity for Him to be the Senior Partner in this kingdom endeavor and for your participation with Him and us.
  • That the opportunity exists to return in the future for more fruitful ministry.

Prayer Requests

  • For missionaries Gersan and Betty Valcin as God “works with them” in this very needy land.
  • For wisdom and provision as Gersan, a Dallas Seminary graduate, begins a training institute to train pastors and church leaders at Jacob’s well for evangelism, discipleship and church planting.
  • For Lucy, the deaf mute, that has never heard the gospel, and that God would raise up someone to teach sign language to her and the church leaders. That is so Lucy and the other deaf in the area can “hear” through a deaf ministry to be established in the local church I spoke in.
  • For $2,000.00 to fund the extension of the radio/TV tower from 50 feet to 150 feet so the whole northern area of the country could hear the gospel of grace.
  • That God would raise up a God-called and Spirit-anointed under-shepherd (s) to pastor the Village Church and free the Valcins to move on to new opportunities in Kingdom ministry.
  • That the Lord would continue to keep the door open for Clarence to minister in Haiti.

In His love and grace,

Clarence and Peggy Ledford