ENCOUNTER: The lives of two followers of Christ from Emmaus were changed forever as they encountered Him after the resurrection. Jesus met them, taught them the Scriptures, and opened their eyes to recognize who He was. They testified that their hearts were “burning within” them as He “spoke” to them and “opened” the scriptures. That day began a lifelong journey for them to know experientially and intimately the One who not only rose from the grave, but who is “the Resurrection and the Life.”

EXPEREINCE: The purpose of this conference is to have a living encounter with the One who is LIFE. As we experience such an encounter, He will open our own understanding to knowing Him experientially and intimately. This life is described in the New Testament as the Abundant life (John 10:10), the Abiding life (John 15), and many other descriptions. The very life of God is available to us through Jesus and His cross.

TESTIMONY: Dr. Billy Graham speaks of this message and ministry in the foreword of the book, Not I, but Christ. “The Cross of Christ is the foundation of our lives as Believers, for God’s plan was that through the cross our old nature would be crucified, and the power of the Holy Spirit would be unleashed to change hearts and lives.” He further states that the message of the Cross is “Biblical, balanced and practical.” It is “a message sorely needed in our time.”