Project Good Samaritan


Dear Friend,

Peggy and I were scheduled to arrive in Port au Prince, Haiti one week after the devastating earthquake.  The purpose was to conduct GraceLife conferences for pastors and churches and to train missionaries in the message and ministry of grace.  The earthquake changed and expanded our purpose and vision in expressing God’s love to the people of that country. 

There is unimaginable death, destruction and tribulation in Haiti.  By looking from man’s perspective we only see disaster.  Seeing through God’s eyes reveals a great opportunity.  It is an open door to bring the love, truth and grace of God to people is such dire need.

Much like the Bible account of the “Good Samaritan” there is a choice to pass by or personally get involved.  We know Jesus wants us to be involved with Him in ministering to those in need.  God’s plan and purpose is to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of all people.  It is impossible to express the love of God while withholding help for physical needs.  Likewise, it is very important to give a gospel witness along with food, water and medicine.   

LDI has chosen to get involved by establishing Project Good Samaritan.  Our purpose is to provide a way for individuals to be personally involved in ministering to people in Haiti.  All donations will be channeled to and through the Haitian-American missionaries and the local church in Port au Prince.  100% of all gifts will be used for the purpose they are given. 

There is an emergency need for food, water and medicine.  It took our missionary friends 3 weeks to receive the first portion of food.  That food is allotted to feed 1500 people only one meal a day for 2 weeks.  The network is now in place for them to get the needed supplies to be a distribution center.  The present and urgent need is to have funds in hand to purchase these essential supplies.

Would you choose to join Him and us by personally participating in bringing life and hope to those in such great need?  Your gift will assist in saving lives and bringing the riches of Christ’s to these impoverished people.  We look forward to your positive response to God and to the Haitian people.

In His love and grace,

Clarence and Peggy Ledford