Project Good Samairtan-Information

Project Good Samaritan

Would you prayerfully consider making yourself available to the Lord for Him to provide through you a special gift for the urgent need in Haiti?  Your gift will be used by the Lord to manifest His love to believers and non -believers.  It could save a life and bring the gospel message to those who are open to hear the message of life and grace.

Emergency food needs as of January 31, 2010  with a total need of 2600 meals a day broken down as follows.     

  • ·         300 children who “show up” daily for food.  They are a combination of orphans, street children or “latch key” kids.
  • ·         250 people who live in tents on the church grounds
  • ·         2000 people who are in neighborhoods surrounding the church.  Comprised of 300 families with 600 adults and 1400 children. 

FYI: If meals are provided for the above numbers of people regularly, then more will be forthcoming.  The numbers or people are unknown but the numbers will increase.

I (Clarence) would like to follow up this e mail and contact you either by phone or e mail.  The purpose would be to hear what the Lord has said to you regarding this matter.

If He should direct you to participate in this project please send the donation ASAP to:

 Life Discipleship International

 77 E. Crossville Road, Suite 100

 Roswell, GA  30075

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at:  770-910-3345 or


I choose to participate and partner with the Lord and LDI in Project Good Samaritan (Haiti).  My gift is:  $500_____ $250_____ $100_____ Other_____

Please make all checks payable to LDI and put HAITI on the For: line.  Thank you so much for participating in bringing God’s love and message of hope to Haiti.