Haiti Ministry Outreach 2019

Haiti Ministry Outreach (2019)

ARRIVAL: This outreach was for 16 days in January/February 2019. I (Clarence Ledford – Life Discipleship International) left Asheville NC for Port au Prince, Haiti. As luggage, there was a water filter that is advertised as being adequate to filter enough water for a village. Pastor Gersan Valcin, veteran missionary of 22 years in Haiti, met me at the airport. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and wears the hats of pastor, evangelist, church planter, ministry center founder/director, teacher, visionary and disciple maker to name some. Gersan has been called the Billy Graham of Haiti and has been used of the Lord to plant over 70 churches in this 4th world country. This Pastor was delighted to see the water filter since he and Betty have dreamed for years of clean water being available to the villages. Cholera and Typhoid are water borne diseases that are transmitted through polluted water. Because 60% of people living in the rural areas lack access to medical services, each year these two diseases alone cause over half the deaths in Haiti. Of course, this country has many other diseases such as respiratory infections, Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

Pastor Gersan and Betty Valcin (Haiti)


Village Church: The first Sunday was at Village Church. My privilege was to speak in both morning services. This Church is a 3-year-old church plant with about 4-6 hundred people in attendance. Both services are placed on the internet and Face Book for French speaking peoples around the world to listen. I was asked and did teach a class for young married people between the 2 services. There were 50 -75 people in this class.

Worship at Village Church                         Worship Team

1st Baptist Church: The first week from 5 PM till 8 PM was the opportunity to share the GraceLife Conference at 1st Baptist, Port au Prince where Pastor Joshua Matthew is the under shepherd. This Bible Conference was the central part of celebrating their 183rd anniversary. Twenty-two other churches participated in this week of celebration and Bible conference. Each afternoon/evening from 5 to 8 PM from 300 to 400 people gathered to hear the reality of New Covenant grace. These numbers and churches participating were nothing short of a miracle of God and the hard work of Mrs. Betty Valcin who led the planning committee to make this training available and successful. It was my honor to speak that Sunday morning at 1st Baptist in both services. The 1st service had about 1700 people in attendance and the 2nd approximately 1400. The second service was televised by national television. None of the training or preaching would have happened without Pastor Valcin doing oral translation. This was no small task and included in his language skills is his understanding of grace that enables him to translate correctly. It has been the Valcins vision since 2004 to see the country of Haiti open to the gospel of grace. The Valcins also made available, in French, the notes of the GraceLife Conference and Life Lessons from the Eagle in booklet form for the participants. This may have been the open door to the country that they have prayed and worked for! The future response of the 1st Baptist and the 22 other churches will show if this is correct. Make no mistake, God can use them or any others that He chooses to open this door for the New Covenant in Haiti! Few of us will ever know the struggle, stress and even persecution the Valcin’s have experienced for the sake of the gospel being proclaimed to the lost and to the saved! Somewhat like loosing family and friends when we become believers, is similar manner, they have lost many that are precious to them when they came to know Christ as Life. This is a real part of the Sanctification process for all of us. Persecution has been the experience of the Valcins and many others that have chosen “to live godly in Christ Jesus,” by  Christ Jesus living His life in and through them (2 Timothy 3:12; Romans 8:4).

GraceLife Conference,  Sunday Morning Celebration ,Pastor Joshua Matthew


Village Church: This week was given to training for The Village Church. The teaching was Monday – Friday and the “Life Lessons from the Eagle (Golden Eagle – 8 lessons) were taught. Teaching was twice daily from 9 AM till noon and from 5-8 PM. There were over 25 people who received this training. When we came to the end, they were excited and wanted more grace teaching/training! We will work out for them to receive the Spiritual Formation aspect of the Advanced Discipleship Training. They do realize that this will require a lot personal devotion and work such as reading a sizeable number of books, book reports and classes. One thing that makes a difference is that the Valcin’s and Ledford’s now have a very fast internet. We have the technology that I can sit in my study in NC and they in the classroom at Port au Prince and by using the internet can see and hear me and I them. We perceive that there will also be a need for classroom training as well as classes through the internet training. This will operate like an external training done by many training institutions and religious schools. This type of training is being used to reach students where they are.

Eagle Series training Group         Classroom

LUCY: Lucy is a 36-year-old deaf mute that lives in a village adjacent to the ministry center founded and operated by the Valcin’s as part of their ministry. This is in the Limbe area and near Cap – Haitien, Haiti. The Valcins found Lucy had no status in the eyes of the villagers because of her handicap. They, in compassion, gave her a job at the ministry center and paid her for the work she did. She started attending a nearby church they had planted. At a baptismal service, she insisted that she too be baptized. Out of grace and mercy they baptized her. However, they are very aware that she has never had any person that has or can share the gospel with her. When the Valcins later returned to the ministry center, Lucy was missing. They found her very sick from Typhoid, and with no one from the village willing to care for her. In fact, the funds she earned by working had been taken from her and she was sick and starving. Gersan and Betty chose for Jesus to live through them in this situation and took Lucy home with them to care for her. This is something like the good “Samaritan” that is a picture of Jesus (Luke 10:30-37). Lucy is now recovering from this disease and emaciated state in the Valcin’s home and through a doctor’s care. Sometimes, at meals, she eats 4 plates of her special diet, and she is gaining weight. I went with the Valcins and Lucy to find a school for the deaf that was willing to teach her sign language and possibly a trade. A school for the deaf did accept her, and Lucy is so excited about learning! Sister Betty is also learning sign language with her to help her learn and to communicate. After her first lesson Lucy, insisted that I see the first 4 letters of the alphabet that she had learned. It is wonderful to see her life being transformed before our very eyes! The Valcins see the potential for her learn and become a minister to the deaf of her own village. Then to teach the young people of that village sign language so they can be missionaries to the deaf of other villages. What a wonderful means of evangelism and discipleship. Wow, what a vision. There will be a lot of work and expense ahead. Would you please join with us in prayer for the Lord to raise up a team to participate prayerfully and financially for the provisions needed to make her salvation and being a disciple of Jesus a reality for Lucy and for the Glory of God?

Betty and Lucy practicing signing ,  Clarence and Lucy ready for Church

Living in Haiti: We cannot begin to imagine the stress and sacrifice of living in a 4th world country. Some would say it is much like Murphy’s Law, “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” It is a land if that if one thing is accomplished in a day it has been a successful day. The electricity sometimes only works a few hours a day. Hence, one must have a generator and battery backup. Hot water and plumbing are always in constant need of attention. Regardless of the time and money spent there is always a struggle to have hot water for a shower. Water for flushing toilets, washing clothes, and other necessities must be bought and brought in with a tanker truck and dumped into a large holding tank under the house. Water for drinking and brushing teeth etc. is also purchased in large containers. One must carry their own personal water bottle with them for  drinking/rehydration. This says nothing of the need to live in concrete houses, surrounded by walls, steel gates/doors and burglar bars for personal safety. The following Wednesday after my leaving on Saturday, the country was shut down due to political unrest, demonstrations and anarchy. There have been people killed, injured, autos burned, roadblocks and widespread chaos. The Valcin’s are safe, if they stay home shut up like prisoners behind locked gates and doors. Last Sunday they held the normal 2 worship services at Village Church. Few people turned out because of the unrest. Even the hotels were asking guests to leave for security purposes. Also, the American Embassy has issued security alerts for US citizens. Please pray for the safety of the Valcins and the needy people of Haiti that live in abject poverty and squalor. Only by God changing hearts and lives will this country be changed.  Update: the Valcins are safe and have food and water but need prayer.

Shortages, Protests and Anarchy

SPIRITUAL MATURITY: How has this stress been used of God in their lives over the past 22 years? Are the Valcins angry, bitter, discouraged or wanting sympathy? No! God has caused this to work in their lives for “good.” He has used this to take them from self-strength to Christ’s strength. Obviously, they would have quit long ago if they depended on themselves. Their lives are dependent on Jesus alone as shown in John 15, and the fruit of the Spirit is manifest through them. This is seen in their love for God and others. Their love for God and the people is exemplary and is seen in their actions toward Lucy the deaf mute. Christ loves Lucy through them, but He also loves the other deaf and rejected of Haiti through them as well. Currently, the Seventh Day Adventist and Catholics are the only ones reaching out to the deaf of Haiti. The Valcin’s envision reaching the deaf with the gospel of grace. They are not looking for pity or even sympathy. They desire prayer, ministry and financial partners to reach this land with the good news for the lost and saved. Would you consider becoming a prayer, ministry and/or financial partner with them to those who are still in spiritual darkness in Haiti and around the world?   

DIVINE INTERVENTION: The Valcins were dropping me at the airport and taking Lucy 1.5 hours farther for her sign language training. We turned a corner and there was a policeman stopping traffic and checking for anything wrong with vehicles or their registration. Pastor Gersan, explained to me that this was the end of the month and policeman did not want to write tickets but wanted a bribe. He further explained he did not have a required official sticker on the car. Why? He had gone to the government office and they were out of them. Due to the ministry we were involved in, there was no time to return to pick up this required sticker. The car ahead moved on and we pulled up. The policeman asked for his registration papers and they were handed to him. About that time a car tried to run the roadblock and the policeman stepped back, put his hand on his pistol and stopped the driver. He handed the papers back to Gersan and told us to go on. He had caught a real law breaker. He would extract a heavy penalty from this one. We looked at each other and Gersan said to me, “the intervention of the Lord, brother!”

THANK YOU: Even a heartfelt thank you seems so inadequate to Jesus for the opportunity of approximately 66 hours of ministry in Haiti. A sincere thank you goes to Betty Valcin and her team for coordinating the ministry at 1st Baptist and with the 22 other churches that participated. Many of them heard about New Covenant grace for the first time. Also, a genuine thank you goes to Betty and Gersan for the ministry to the Village Church. A special thank you goes to Pastor Gersan Valcin for giving of his time and opportunities of personal ministry for me to minister. Without his oral translation multitudes would not have heard of God’s marvelous grace. Finally, a wholehearted thank you goes to all of you who prayed and gave that this ministry outreach could be a reality in Haiti.