News Update November 2017

Clarence and Peggy Ledford – 2017 News Update (November)

Dear Friend and Fellow Servant,

This year has flown by with the swiftness of a “weavers shuttle.” Looking back, we see “the good hand of our God upon” our lives and ministry. Here are some of the activities.


Training:  Pastor Jonas Dore and Jefferson Bien-Aime, from Haiti, were here for 2 weeks in November 2016 for training in New Covenant Grace (Spiritual Formation). Early in 2017 we resumed training through Skype and completed the training by mid-year. The “renewing” of their minds to Truth has brought great transformation into their lives. Both are sharing the Truths as they continue to “grow in grace and knowledge [experiential] of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” They rejoice in their deeper intimacy with the Trinity and their wives look forward to the training as well!

Translation:  Now, as they live in the embrace of grace their lives have changed so much that both of their wives would like to receive the training as well. Both these men have been involved in the translation of the Eagle Series notes into French so those receiving training in Haiti can understand Truth in their own language.

Ministry Outreach:  I (Clarence) am scheduled for a 2-week ministry outreach in Haiti from January 9-21, 2018. The ministry focus will be on teaching the Eagle Series that is an overview of the Christian life from the New Covenant perspective. Presently, the training schedule is to divide the time between a local church in Port au Prince and seminary students at a ministry center.

Bible Study:  Presently, the Eagle Series PP is being written into an interactive Bible study. 3 of the 8 topics are completed. There are 8 lessons for each topic and each lesson has 4 processing questions. These questions are designed to engage the Teacher [Holy Spirit] and to receive His teaching on that lesson.

Discipleship:  We continue in discipleship ministry to people locally, nationally and internationally. Many times, our concept of discipleship is 2 chairs facing each other with the discipler teaching the disciplee. A more correct picture is 2 chairs facing the throne of God and Jesus discipling one directly and the other indirectly. Perhaps an even better picture is both sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to His word as Mary did.


Heart Surgery:  May 2017 proved to be a very challenging time for us as Peggy had a heart valve replacement and triple bypass surgery. This was completely unexpected but an emergency surgery as she was on the verge of a heart attack. She is now recovering and doing well but continues to need prayer.

Care Giving:  Peggy’s sister Lois struggles with Alzheimer disease. Grant, her husband, had Carpel Tunnel surgery on his right arm this past week and is scheduled for major back surgery on the 30th of November. They are with us as Grant recovers and will be with us as he recovers from the upcoming surgery. We do and will need prayer.

Thank you so much for your prayers and participation with us in Kingdom ministry and in everyday life!

In His love and grace,

Clarence and Peggy Ledford