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A bill under consideration in the state Legislature calls to prohibit any activity unrelated to the actual operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle on a public road or highway. That means no cup of coffee for those sitting in traffic, no munching on that breakfast burrito, no time to groom. (No, the law does not target coffee verbatim.).

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Most of the 18,643 in attendance were silenced by blocks and boards from Jordan Bell, drives from Dylan and Dillon (Ennis and Brooks), and momentum changing 3s from Tyler Dorsey. That foursome combined for 67 points, 25 boards and 9 assists. Oh, and the eight rejections Bell swatted away at the rim..

Guardian’s announcement came as state leaders continue to argue over plans to help the struggling city avoid bankruptcy. The state Senate has passed a takeover plan supported by Republican Gov. Chris Christie and Democratic Senate President Steve Sweeney, but Democratic Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto has refused to put it up for a vote in that chamber, partly because it would allow the state to break union contracts..

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Was really important to us, added Fabienne Haller, fund development co ordinator. Did see an increase in needing access to parking. Has been operating in London for 36 years and is in its fifth location after being founded in the basement of the old courthouse.

They stay locked to your legs so there is no rubbing, no matter how many miles you ride. The chamois is ergonomically designed, with ventilation between the left and the right pads. Though this is great for ventilation, the feeling of them overlapping when you get out the saddle can take some getting used to.

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Though it’s rare, vaccines can cause fevers that trigger febrile seizures that usually last one or two minutes. They do not cause any permanent neurological damage, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). But the emotional impact they have on parents can influence their decision on whether or not to vaccinate their children..

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Several months after enrolling at the College, he joined the Continental Army, the Third Virginia Regiment, and dropped out of school. He remained in the Army until 1780 and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After leaving the Army, he spent three years learning law from Thomas Jefferson..

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